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Cutting Edge Hydration


Pure Aussie Sport Hydration Mix

In an industry first, we have replaced sodium based compounds with our "Complete Ocean Mineral Complex" (cOMx). Derived from ultra pure ocean water harvested off the Southern Australian Coast, cOMx is low in Sodium, a great source of Magnesium, and has 70+ other naturally occuring Trace Minerals and Electrolytes.

Every time you perspire, you deplete your body's mineral reserves. So whether you're engaged in vigorous sport or exerting energy through normal daily activity, Pure Aussie Sport Hydration Mix provides performance and recovery.

  • 70+ bio available Trace Minerals
  • An amazing 150mg Magnesium per serving
  • Only 80mg Sodium per serving
  • Only 12g Cane Sugar per serving
  • Made with Real Fruit and plenty of it!

Smooth, refreshing and authentic tasting, Pure Aussie Sport has been formulated to hydrate you fast. We've packed Pure Aussie Sport with real fruit, our complete mineral complex, and just enough cane sugar to provide quick and sustained energy. Now that's cutting edge!

Zero Artificial Colours or Flavours

Zero Chemicals

Zero Junk!